nia-littleNia Little
A student scholar and 6th grade student at Lincoln-King School in Detroit. Nia's strengths are reading and math. Nia's top reading and comprehension scores are 1025 wpm (words per minutes) at a 90% CR (comprehension rate). Her interest are Medicine and Golf.






ashley-psalmsAshley Psalms
Ashley Psalms, a student scholar and 12th grade student at Carman Ainsworth High School in Flint, Mi. Ashley's strengths are math and science. Ashley is dedicated to realizing a perfect score on the ACT. After completing TLAB's ACT Preparation Session in December 2009, Ashley realized a 33% improvement over her previous test! Ashley has been selected as a peer level tutor in math and upon completing tutoring training in February, she will begin tutoring other TLAB students! Peer level tutors will be paid an hourly fee!


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