Mr. Ronald Franklin

T.LAB’s student of the month is Mr. Ronald Edward Franklin.  Mr. Franklin is a 5th grade student at Plymouth Christian Academy.

Ronald realizes mostly A’s (5 A’s and 1 B) and was recently placed in the Gifted Student’s Program at Plymouth Christian Academy.  Mr. Franklin operates at accelerated levels academically including sixth grade math and seventh grade science.  Ronald has a passion for math and science. He is pursuing competence in computer programming and design engineering.  He is an avid user of Khan Academy. Ronald Edward Franklin is a leader in T.LAB and known as a very fast learner.  He is an active member of the Destiny Zone at Detroit World Outreach.  Ronald is studying Arabic, and Hebrew languages.  As well, he is member of Plymouth Christian Academy’s Basketball Team. A role model and “leader among leaders” within T.LAB, Ronald Edward Franklin is poised to realize college level competence in English, Math, Reading, and Science in the very near future.  Ronald has multiple options to exercise while pursuing academic excellence. Career options include entrepreneurism, engineering or the sciences in college and graduate school. Mr. Ronald Edward Franklin is a true blessing in the lives of his parents, Minister Ronald, Jr., and Minister LaShaun Franklin, and his siblings Kayla Franklin (a scholar at Penn State University) and Elisha Franklin. Please join us as we honor Mr. Ronald Edward Franklin as T.LAB’s Student of the month!


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