“The way I was able to motivate students to reach their full potential at t.Lab was the understanding that I was in their shoes. I think the big misconception about me was that, I was an extraordinary learner. I struggled in Math and Science, and the thing that helped me to motivate students was that I put myself in their shoes - when I was going through Algebra and Calculus classes, I could see and feel their frustrations and understand the issues they were having because I had the same issues. My assessment of the capability and abilities of t.Lab students is that they are the Top 1% in the marketplace and in their areas of concentration. t.Lab affords students learning that they do not receive in schools unless they go to that Top 1% High School or Middle School. t.Lab opens them up to training that is not offered at some colleges. t.Lab puts students in a position to win. t.Lab students have a ‘village mentality.’ It’s a village mentality in a way that it’s not just one person that prepares the student to his/her next endeavor but it’s a village - a highly-motivated and highly-capable village. If you will just see the structure of t.Lab, when you walk in you will see apple computers when other colleges don’t have this structure. Students are able to get certifications that cost tens of thousands of dollars and t.Lab is doing it for almost nothing. The reason why I support t.Lab and other organizations like this is because they help students and families to win. If you look at our world, all you see is people not reaching their full capabilities or not being successful. t.Lab puts students in avenues and situations for them to reach and realize their full potential. When I came to t.Lab, that’s when I fully understood my role and calling in life. I understood the need for people like myself to start giving back and contributing because I did not get to where I currently am by myself.” – Mr. Carvin Rudolph, Community Leader and t.Lab Facilitator

“I learned about t.Lab when I met Dr. Nixon at a social event, Summer of 2016. After an exciting conversation where we expressed our shared values and objectives concerning the preparation of youth for the leadership roles in the 21st century, I became a Math and Science tutor on t.Lab’s tutoring team. This is to support his efforts to launch a wide spectrum of students into the stratosphere of superior academic performance, and to help them realize their high potential for successful innovative leadership roles in Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, as well as Finance, Economics, and services to humanity. Thus, I am doing what I could to enhance and inspire their innovative leadership in academic, industrial, government and community enterprises. This involvement with young, motivated students has been a blessing to me and I hope we’ll be helpful to them as well. – Dr. Gil Chapman, Tutor, t.Lab

“I’ve been in t.Lab for four years now. In high school, I was at the top of my class like other students but when you go to university, there’s a lot of people just like you. So now you’re around people who are just as smart as you or even smarter. Now that you are in college, that means you have to prepare more, study more, and overall I just put in more effort. t.Lab has a lot of tools such as study plan and regimen that allow you to gain that mindset to be successful. That’s what helped me increase my ACT score (it was originally at 24 and it became 29) and increase my GPA. t.Lab prepared me for the marketplace and society as a whole. It has allowed me to better my communications skills using the oratory competitions.” – Alexus Ford, t.Lab Student

“I think one of the most important things when you go to college is to have a plan or have some sort of idea of what you want to do and t.Lab definitely taught me that it is important to have a pre-established plan before you go into it. That way, when you attend a college with a certain goal that you want to reach, it makes it easier to reach those goals and do well in school because you know what it is you’re working towards. t.Lab definitely prepares you to be competitive in school. When I went into college, I knew that “hey, this is an environment where I need to be competitive and I was ready for that.” t.Lab has definitely prepared me for the marketplace because they teach you study skills and time management which are important in school and even outside school.” – Erica Boswell, t.Lab Student

“You’ve got to have a plan first. One thing that t.Lab has taught me was: you’ve got to have a plan and execute it. You cannot go to college without knowing what you want to do. You have to go into college saying, “I want to do Engineering.” With that, you just need the time to recognize what kind of Engineering you want to do. Do I want to be a Mechanical, Chemical, or Industrial Engineer? Once you get that plan together, you can execute a plan. t.Lab definitely assisted because we had to do a lot of things early in the morning which a lot of us did not want to
do at that time. But with the help of Dr. Nixon, our parents, and our mentors who have gone through the path that we are going through now, they made us realize that everything we need to do is not always something that we liked but something that has to be done. I think t.Lab definitely always acknowledged that yes, we are smart and yes, we have skills, yet we can also do more and go further in order to achieve our goals.” - Ephraim Gibson, t.Lab Student

“Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are incredibly important. If you want a good-paying job, if you want to get to your full potential, embrace those technology and curriculum. I started out majoring in Music which was not part of STEM, however, I have been a very successful Engineer in my entire career because that same discipline that’s used in Music is also used in Engineering where you’re using both the left and right side of your brain. In the future, with all the technology, automation, and artificial intelligence - those will become the key. With the interaction I had with the t.Lab students, I have been incredibly impressed. Some of them seemed shy at first but when they warm-up, they are very articulate, genuine, and seem to have a clear focus of what they want to achieve. Parents are an integral part in the achievement of anyone. I support organizations like t.Lab because I firmly believe you have to pay it forward. Growing up very poor, I always thought, “Okay, I have it rough.” And then, I see other people and I think I could help them. To me, it is very important to be a role model for technical people, women, and the minorities. I do a lot of public speaking and support to STEM activities because you have to get involved.”
-Elizabeth Griffith, Community Leader and Sponsor


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