To participate in TLAB, students must have an intense desire to excel academically while pursuing the highest levels of entrepreneurial achievement. TLAB provides an environment for both students and parents to realize their dreams. Students and parents are expected to be committed to the rigors of personal and professional excellence.  A letter of recommendation from their school adviser/teacher is required. If a student is an athlete, a written recommendation is required from their coach. 

To participate in TLAB, coaches, mentors, and tutors must have an intense desire to assist and empower students with establishing and enhancing core academic skills, leadership competencies, and self-esteem using a formal "positive reinforcement behavioral" methodology.

Tuition Payments

Access to all T.LAB Programs are available to the student 24/7 and as such tuition is based upon and charged on a monthly basis. There is NO waiver of monthly fee should a student not make use of their assigned programs. Fees are due the 1st of each month. All T.LAB invoices are billed one month in advance. T.LAB reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel access to services due to non-compliance (payment, parent requirements and adherence to schedule). If services are suspended, a $75 fee is required to restore services.

Terms and Fees

The Assessment Fee is $150.00 and is non-refundable. This should be settled 3-5 days before the assessment schedule. This can be done online via our PayPal or Credit Card Facility. Enrollment requires a minimum three month commitment. Tuition Fees are due the first of every month. 

Fee Schedule

The tuition fees for students are as follows:

Assessment & Plan Development $150
Kindergarten – 5th Grade $149 per month
6th – 8th Grade $199 per month
9th – 12th Grade $249 per month


Beyond 12th Grade is based on needs assessment. Fees are due the 1st of each month.

Withdraw Notice


- Student withdrawal without 30 Day written notice will incur a fee equal to, but not to exceed, one month normal tuition for each student being withdrawn, plus any past due monies owed. A final invoice will be sent detailing final balance owed and payment will be due upon receipt of invoice.

Application, Forms, and Documents


Students Register for TLAB


Process a tuition payment online via PayPal and/or credit card

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